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Weekly Campus Update: February 23

Weekly Campus Update, Feb 23, 2017

Irons kids did AMAZING at the EDC Robotics Competition this past weekend on Saturday, February 18. Congratulations to the following students.

Best Team Spirit:
1st – Kendrick Anders, Gavin Selensky, Zane Miera
2nd – Valeria Ovalle & Kaitlyn Martinez
4th – Connor Adamick & Blake Henley
5th – Sydney Tabor, Peyton Tabor, Caden Tabor

Most Photogenic Bot:
1st – Valeria Ovalle & Kaitlyn Martinez

Best Display of Theme:
4th – Colten Lesser & Logan Loftin

Best Sportsmanship:
1st – Bogdan Maksimov & Daniel Subach
2nd – Jesse Saucedo
5th – Victoria Allen & Taylor Peck

7th grade Top Binder:
1st – Sydney Tabor, Peyton Tabor, Caden Tabor

8th grade Top Binder:
3rd – Phoebe LaFleur & Nicole Pachon
5th – Musa Brennan

7th grade Top Vehicle placement:
2nd – Sydney Tabor, Peyton Tabor, Caden Tabor

8th grade Top Vehicle placement:
3rd – Liam Cool & Colby Vuong
4th – Bendan Roberts & Parker Sowda

7th grade overall Top Project (robot & binder)
Sydney Tabor, Peyton Tabor, Caden Tabor

These teams made it into the Finals!
Sydney Tabor, Peyton Tabor, Caden Tabor
Liam Cool & Colby Vuong
Bendan Roberts & Parker Sowda
Musa Brennan
Ellie Davis & Victoria Pollard

These are the Irons JHS students who placed 1st through 5th place in their categories at the district science fair. There were over 1,000 participants, so these students did an amazing job! We are so proud of the mall!

1st place: (and advancing to the Houston Regional Science Fair this weekend – wish them good luck!)
Christina Lenz
David Wallington
Steven Drabbant
Davie Dickinson
Kaylee Garner

2nd place:
Victoria Tatman
Deavin Roland
Jillian Duong & Madelyn Moss (Team project advancing to Houston)

3rd Place:
Sebastian Saenz
Ellie Kainer
Emma Boulanger
Audrey Lockridge
Elijah Jowers & Daniel Tarpomanopv (Team project advancing to Houston)

4th Place:
Abram Booth
Clara Hurlbut
Alexis Shank
Addie Cronan
Brett George
Hailey Casarez
Kaylan Lawhon

5th Place:
Emma Hamilton
Jadyn Montgomery
Ava Garrelts
Olivia Ledesma
Lane Cromwell
Charlotte Greco
Razeen Noor
Abigail Kay
Michaela Allen

Irons Junior High is proud to recognize the following “STUDENTS OF THE WEEK” for their academic or social achievements.

Team Zombie Slayers would like to recognize Taylor Peck for her hard work and dedication. She balances out many extra curricular activities and still takes the time to study. Way to go Taylor!
Ms. Fisk would like to recognize Xavier Weaver for working hard in class and serving as a good role model.
Mrs. Cordoba wants to recognize her fourth period class for their hard work and commitment to this class. They are awesome!

The learning team “BLACK HAWKS” would like to recognize Seth Rosoff.
The 7th grade Lady Hawks Star Athlete of the Week is Audree Cannon.

The 8th grade Lady Hawks Star Athlete of the Week is Kaitlyn Martinez.

PE student is one of my lifeskills students Jeffery Frost and Johnny Andrade. They participate and dress out as well as work hard in PE. Way to Go!

Thank you teachers for helping share our AWESOME story here at Irons!