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Weekly Campus Update – April 28

Irons Junior High is proud to recognize the following “STUDENTS OF THE WEEK” for their academic or social achievements.

The student of the week from Mrs. Willeford’s Art Classes are: Alex Rivas from Art I, Joe Jackson from Art II, Andrea Pinto from Art III, and Erin Hoyle from Ceramics. Congratulations students keep up the awesome work!

Also , congratulations to the following students from Mrs. Willeford’s Art III class who submitted portfolios to Oak Ridge High School for acceptance in the Art Acceleration Program for 2017-18.  All students who submitted portfolios were accepted and they will be enrolled in Art II in the fall. 

Hailey Casarez, Jillian Duong, Emma Forney, Gracie Graham, Taylor Peck, Erika Lunkwitz, Savanah Smith, Gizel Valdez, Andrea Pinto

Congratulations art students, you worked so hard and your efforts have certainly paid off!  You are an amazingly talented group of emerging artists and Mrs. Willeford couldn’t be more proud!