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Students Shine at Science Fair

Irons Hawks did an awesome job last Friday at the district Science Fair! Emei St.Laurent, Andrea Murillo, Abram Booth, and Mason Guser will be advancing to the Houston Science Fair. Irons had 29 students awarded medals for 1st-5th place. Way to go students and science teachers!!

First Place — Emei St. Laurnet, Andrea Murillo

Second Place — Christiana Lenz, Christopher Varner, Kalaya Mattern, Nia Dixon

Third Place — Jenna Hutyra, Sky Moses, Abram Booth, Mason Gubser, Jennifer Buck, Braxton Rowell

Fourth Place — Helaina Payway, Carson Cooper, Preslee Young, Savannah Spencer, Mia Pierson

Fifth Place — Lane Cromwell, Blake Henley, Taylor Pavlock, Sedona Astin, Arianna Jimenez, Abigail Kerr, Alexia Rivera, Lizbeth Hoffman, Jessica North, Alexix Adiet, Rylie Porter, Angela Kuveke

Science Fair Contestants going to Houston Science Fair All Science Fair winners