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Outstanding Students and Staff Celebrated

Congratulations to our students and staff members who were chosen as the best of Irons for the month of September. Students and staff were celebrated on September 28th with a Chick-Fil-A breakfast sponsored by the counselors. Mr. and Mrs. Irons were present to help honor the students and staff.

Student of the Month Group Photo


Students selected for student of the month — Camryn Cotie, Madison Page, Zane Caldwell, Sawyer Bruder, Fernando Vasquez, Angel Emeh, John Hammer, Eian Dellafave, Angela Kuveke, Christian Perry, Helena Lehtola, Heather Wallington, Angel Delgado, Amanda Nowak

Staff selected for staff of the month — Holly Urena, Katie Michna, Michael Hightower, Michael Dick